Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does GrowBPO offer?
2. Does GrowBPO offer any additional services?
3. Typically, how much more would it cost me to hire locally or use local service providers in EMEA countries, compared to using GrowBPO?
4. Is GrowBPO able to find remote resources or service providers across more than just sales, customer service, marketing, design, IT and legal?
5. Do I have to worry about posting open job positions, screening CVs, conducting initial interviews or background checks?
6. Do I have to worry about paying high “recruitment” fees?
7. Do I have to worry about complex labour laws, payroll and additional company contributions?
8. Do I have to worry about renting office space and purchasing IT equipment for my remote resources?
9. Do my dedicated resources have to work from GrowBPO’s offices, or can they work from home?
10. Do I get to make the final call on who GrowBPO hires as a dedicated resource for my business?
11. Will any employment relationship be created between my business and the dedicated resource provided by GrowBPO?
12. If GrowBPO hires a dedicated resource for my business, is this person subject to a probation period?
13. Where does GrowBPO source the candidates and service providers that I need?
14. Will my remote resources always be available when I need them?
15. If my dedicated resource from GrowBPO develops intellectual property for my business, will my business own this intellectual property?